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Ref# 19
Pack Count: 8 (600g)
Delicious sponge soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream with layers of strawberry ganache and sliced strawberries.
Strawberry Tres Leches Bar Cake
Code: BTCB
Ref# 19
Pack Count: 8 (680g)
Delicious sponge soaked in evaporated milk, condensed milk, heavy cream and real coffee syrup with layers of ganache.
Coffee Tres Leches Bar Cake
Code: BDLB
Ref# 19
Pack Count: 8 (680g)
Layers of creamy custard and delicate sponge topped with a decadent chocolate glaze.
Dulce de Leches Bar Cake
Code: BCCB
Ref# 19
Pack Count: 8 (680g)
Layers of sponge and cinnamon-infused chocolate ganache, dusted with cinnamon and chocolate shavings.
Chocolate Cinnamon Churro Bar Cake
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Learn more about our Château Bar Cakes
Code: U-BST6
Ref# 10203
Pack Count: 8 (454 g)
Prepared with real fruit strawberry puree blended into a silky-smooth strawberry mousse, with layers of ultra-moist sponge cake.
Strawberry Mousse Bar Cake
Code: U-BMP6
Ref# 10200
Pack Count: 8 (454 g)
Made with real-fruit mango-pineapple filling, with silky smooth whipped cream and ultra-moist sponge cake.
Mango-Pineapple Bar Cake
Code: U-BBF6
Ref# 10202
Pack Count: 8 (454 g)
Prepared with real fruit cherry filling, silky smooth whipped cream and ultra-moist dark chocolate sponge cake, with a modern look.
Black Forest Bar Cake
Code: U-BDC6
Ref# 10201
Pack Count: 8 (454 g)
Multiple layers of rich milk chocolate mousse combined with ultra-moist dark chocolate sponge cake.
Double Chocolate Bar Cake
Code: CCW
Ref# 10093
Pack Count: 4 (750 g)
Loaded with berry flavor.
Wildberry Coffee Cake
Code: CCE
Ref# 10075
Pack Count: 4 (750 g)
Aromatic with rich espresso taste.
Espresso Coffee Cake
Code: LPC
Ref# 10236
Pack Count: 4 (750 g)
Sweet and zesty lemon sponge cake.
Lemon Poppyseed Coffee Cake
Code: CCI
Ref# 10037
Pack Count: 4 (750 g)
Swirls of cinnamon and crumbly streusel.
Cinnamon Coffee Cake
Code: CCH
Ref# 10036
Pack Count: 4 (750 g)
Decadent and buttery cocoa flavor.
Chocolate Coffee Cake
Code: 10309
Ref# 10309
Pack Count: 24 (113g)
Indulgent fudge chocolate lava filling.
Chocolate Lava Cake
Code: 10308
Ref# 10308
Pack Count: 24 (113g)
Authentic italian mascarpone cheese mousse.
Tiramisu Cake
Code: 10312
Ref# 10312
Pack Count: 24 (113g)
Mix of real blueberries, strawberries and blackberries filling.
Wildberry Cake
Code: UR
Ref# 10084
Pack Count: 2 (900g)
Thick layer of real fruit blueberries.
Blueberry Cheesecake
Code: RS
Ref# 50007
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Refreshing strawberry puree blended into a silky-smooth strawberry mousse.
Strawberry Mousse Cake
Code: FR
Ref# 50008
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
Real fruit cherry filling, silky smooth whipped cream.
Black Forest Cream Cake
Code: PR
Ref# 50010
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Real fruit mango pineapple delight.
Mango-Pineapple Cream Cake
Code: TR
Ref# 50011
Pack Count: 2 (820g)
Fresh carrot and mix of spices.
Carrot Cream Cake
Code: HR
Ref# 10088
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
Double chocolate heaven.
Chocolate Cream Cake
Code: TM
Ref# 40001
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Our signature Tiramisu cake.
Tiramisu Cream Cake
Code: CH
Ref# 50002
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Chocolate mousse filling combines real chocolate and homemade whipped cream.
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Code: CO
Ref# 50003
Pack Count: 2 (525g)
A true coconut mousse dream.
Coconut Mousse Cake
Code: GT
Ref# 50005
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Bitter sweet matcha green tea mousse.
Green Tea Mousse Cake
Code: MM
Ref# 50006
Pack Count: 2 (590g)
Lightly whipped sweet mango mousse.
Mango Mousse Cake
Code: SB
Ref# 50012
Pack Count: 1 (1820g)
Velvety aromatic handcrafted vanilla buttercream.
Vanilla Buttercream Slab Cake
Code: SH
Ref# 50013
Pack Count: 1 (1820g)
Silky chocolate truffle mousse and ganache.
Chocolate Truffle Slab Cake
Code: SP
Ref# 50014
Pack Count: 1 (1455g)
Aromatic and light cappuccino mousse taste.
Cappuccino Chocolate Slab Cake
Code: ST
Ref# 50015
Pack Count: 1 (2500g)
Real carrot shreds, cinnamon and spices.
Carrot Creamcheese Slab Cake
Code: SF
Ref# 50016
Pack Count: 1 (2045g)
German cake with real cherry maraschino filling and chocolate cake.
Black Forest Slab Cake
Code: SW
Ref# 50017
Pack Count: 1 (2045g)
Sweet luscious strawberry filling and whipped cream.
Strawberry Shortcake Slab Cake
Code: V
Ref# 30004
60 pieces (795g)
Chewy yet crispy sweet coconut bites.
Coconut Macaroon
Code: P
Ref# 30001
60 pieces (795g)
Over 300 crisp pastry layers.
Palm Leaf
Code: ICS
Ref# 10187
Pack Count: 4 (750g)
Real fruit strawberry filling.
Strawberry Infused Coffee Cake
Code: VYL
Ref# 10167
Pack Count: 8 (600g)
Festive holiday creamy vanilla swirls.
Vanilla Yule Log
Code: CYL
Ref# 10168
Pack Count: 8 (600g)
Jolly holiday decadent chocolate swirls.
Chocolate Yule Log